Basics Unisex 2-Pocket Cargo Pants

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The classic cargo pants with Vestex's antimicrobial and fluid barrier protection fabric gives you the needed storage as well as the confidence in your clothing to repel fluid and microbes that can deter you from your work. The polyester/cotton blend fabric gives you the breathability and durability needed to endure any hospital or facility. This comes with duel leg cargo pockets with cell phone inserts and one back pocket. Unfortunately, this DOES NOT have side pockets. The fabric comes crisp out of the package, but will soften with a few wash and wears.
  • This does not take the place of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Please adhere to your facility's policies and procedures in regards to PPE.
  • Please consult the sizing chart at the end of the product image to determine the correct size for you. This item is number 504